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LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (PSP)
Developer:  TT Fusion
Publisher:  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Genre:  Action
Language:  EN / ES / FR
Requirements:  ALL M33 / ALL GEN / ALL Prometheus
Release Date:  2010



Build the adventure from Privet Drive to the Triwizard Tournament and experience the magic of the first four Harry Potter stories – LEGO style! Explore Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, learn spells, brew potions and ....

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PSP Game Collection - Part 2 (2005-2014)
Developer:  Sony
Platform:  PSP
Version:  2.0
Language:  EN / RU
Treatment:  6.60/6.61 PROMOD
Release Date:  2005 - 2014



List of games: Contra, Grand Turismo 1, GTA 2, Metal Gear Solid, Parasite Eve 1, Syphon Filter 2 (2CD), Tekken 3, Official Games for PSP, Ace Combat X, DTM Race Driver 2, Hysteria Project, MediEvil Resurrection, Obscure - The Aftermath ....

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PSP Game Collection (2005-2014)
Developer:  Sony
Platform:  PSP
Version:  1.0
Language:  EN / RU
Treatment:  6.60/6.61 PROMOD
Release Date:  2005 - 2014



List of games: Alien 2 in 1, Dino Crisis 2, Driver, Driver 2, Fighting Force 2, Need For Speed Undeground Rivsls, Resident Evil 1 Directors Cut, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, Silent Hill, Castelvania - Symphony of the Night, Syphon Filter ....

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Final Fantasy Type-0 (PSP)
Developer:  Square Enix
Publisher:  Square Enix
Genre:  RPG (Japanese-style) / 3D / 3rd Person
Language:  EN / JAP
Firmware:  6.60 PROMOD-C1 (ISO Driver: Inferno!)
Release Date:  2011



Step into the fray as Class Zero, a group of students from an elite military academy whose country is attacked by an aggressive neighbouring Empire. In the brutal and harrowing struggle that follows, defeat the Empire and uncover ....

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Need for Speed Anthology 2005-2008 (PSP)
Developer:  Electronic Arts
Publisher:  EA Games
Genre:  Racing 
Language:  EN / RU
Platform:  PSP
Release Date:  2005 - 2008



Customize and take on the pinnacle Japanese & American tuner cars in a pursuit of total ownership of the street racing scene. A uniquely designed racing game based on the legacy of the hugely successful Underground ...

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Worms Open Warfire 2 (PSP)
Developer:  Team 17
Publisher:  THQ
Genre:  Strategy
Language:  EN / RU
Treatment:  Not required
Release Date:  2007



Players can challenge others from all over the world via multiplayer battles using a wireless connection as they command their worms through clashes that take place in famous battles of the past, as well as fictional fights of the future. Battles ....

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