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Crazy Engineer (2020) torrent download for PC

2020-12-05, 9:32 PM

Crazy Engineer PC torrent

Crazy Engineer

Crazy Engineer

Developer:  Martyrier
Publisher:  MaGames
Genre:  Action, Simulation, Arcade
Language:  EN
Treatment:  Included
Release Date:  2020




Imagine you are home alone, don´t want to go outside and have crazy engineering skills. What do you do? You build your own chain reactions machine of course! You search for old toys, books, planks, balls, tape some stuff together and arrange it to create crazy chain reactions which you can upload on the internet, share with your friends, or just for yourself. The best part of the game is, that you don´t have to clean the house afterwards.
Crazy Engineer is a sandbox game where you can create your own chain reaction machine without limitations.
You can chose between several actors in your machine and place them wherever you want.
But the best thing is, if your machine doesn´t work just load your game before you started the chain reaction and change whats not working.
Furthermore you don´t have to clean the house after your machine is finished.



Minimum System Requirements

OS:  Windows 7 / 8 / 10
DirectX:  Version 12
Free Disk Space:  8 GB


Game Size: 4.01 GB


How to download  from this site






How to Install

1. Mount ISO Image with DaemonToolsLite and install the game

2. Copy content of the folder "SKIDROW" to the installed games directory

3. Play







Gameplay Trailer & Screenshots


  • Screenshot 1
  • Screenshot 2
  • Screenshot 3


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