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Drifting Lands (2017) torrent download for PC

2019-06-13, 1:26 PM

Drifting Lands PC torrent

Drifting Lands

Drifting Lands

Developer:  Alkemi
Publisher:  Alkemi
Genre:  Action, RPG, Arcade, Shoot 'Em Up
Language:  EN
Treatment:  Not required
Release Date:  2017




Drifting Lands is an hybrid of classical horizontal shoot'em'up with a lot of strong gameplay elements coming straight from the action-RPG genre. If you want an original diablo-like game or you want a different kind of shoot'em'up, you're in the right place!
That's what is Drifting Lands in essence: first and foremost an action-RPG (Hack'n'Slash or however you may call this). Then and only then a different kind of shoot'em'up, accessible to a wider audience than usual.


Main Features:
- randomy generated missions for replayability
- 100 levels of difficulty to climb with your skill or your ability to optimize your gear and powers
- 70 active and passive powers with various effects: dash, area of effect attacks, time control, etc.
- a complex item generation system with a lot of stat modifiers to optimize, unique items with "game changer" powers
- 3 classes of ships for different profiles of players
- Not your usual bland heroic fantasy universe



Minimum System Requirements

CPU:  Anything for gaming bought in the past 2 or 3 years
RAM:  2 GB
OS:  Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Video Card:  Any AMD/ATI or NVidia with more than 512Mo of DEDICATED RAM
Free Disk Space:  1 GB


Recommended System Requirements

CPU:  Intel Quad Processor
RAM:  4 GB
OS:  Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Video Card:  Any powerful AMD/ATI or NVIDIA card with more than 512 of RAM
Free Disk Space:  1 GB


Game Size: 340 MB


How to download  from this site




Download Torrent






Alternative Versions


How to Install

1. Mount ISO Image with DaemonToolsLite and install the game

2. Copy content of the folder "PLAZA" to the installed games directory

3. Play







Gameplay Trailer & Screenshots



  • Screenshot 1
  • Screenshot 2
  • Screenshot 3


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