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The Hell Hives (2021) torrent download for PC

2021-04-30, 1:22 AM

The Hell Hives PC torrent

The Hell Hives

The Hell Hives

Developer:  Adam Bradley
Publisher:  Adam Bradley
Genre:  Action, Shooter, Sci-fi, Survival, 1st Person
Language:  EN
Treatment:  Included
Release Date:  2021




Classic FPS style game with modern graphics. Fight through a series of highly challenging levels in a variety of environments. Take on many types of enemies with your shotgun, assault rifle, grenade launcher & nuke launcher. Solve puzzles, race rising lava, decipher codes and activate portals.


2066, manmade AI software manages to establish contact with intelligent entities and makes a deal with them on behalf of mankind, all in good faith. Shortly after, the decay of the universe bestows itself upon Earth and our young fruitful naive existence is exploited by the hell that surrounds us. Earth's orbit has now collided with an asteroid belt, meaning warning systems are now in place to notify citizens of imminent meteor showers.
In a desperate final attempt to protect ourselves extreme measures took place. Hybrid Africanised honey bees (killer Bees) were subsequently bred with the Giant Asian Hornet in a worldwide government operation that... certainly did not go to plan. Specimens escaped and thrived upon the environment, destroying crops, livestock, not to mention relentless attacks on men, women & children.
Technological advances mean that physical teleportation devices are now feasible, allowing not only travel from location to location but also across other planes of existence, yet usage and testing is still very much limited due to the huge amount of power necessary to ensure a successful transition.
Junior Technical Engineer "Axel Lennox" has dedicated his life as a Guinea pig with the very best of intentions. During the first test Axel finds himself in a hostile, yet somewhat familiar environment. It seems that he has not shifted physically or within a specific timeline as such, but finds himself now completely lost and alone, amidst an array of inevitable realities. He knows his actions now, will determine all.



Minimum System Requirements

CPU:  Intel i5 or equivalent
RAM:  4 GB
OS:  Windows  10   (64 bit)
Video Card:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or equivalent
Free Disk Space:  10 GB


Recommended System Requirements

CPU:  Intel i7 or equivalent​​​​​​​
RAM:  16 GB
OS:  Windows  10   (64 bit)
Video Card:  NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti or equivalent
Free Disk Space:  10 GB


Game Size: 6.90 GB


How to download  from this site






How to Install

1. Mount ISO Image with DaemonToolsLite and install the game

2. Copy content of the folder "SKIDROW" to the installed games directory

3. Play







Gameplay Trailer & Screenshots


  • Screenshot 1
  • Screenshot 2
  • Screenshot 3


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