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Protoplasm-Mutiny (2021) torrent download for PC

2021-06-06, 10:54 PM

Protoplasm-Mutiny PC torrent



Developer:  xingchunfang
Publisher:   xingchunfang
Genre:   RPG, Shooter, 3rd Person
Language:  EN / CHN / JAP
Treatment:  Included
Release Date:   2021




When the defense collapses, the rebels invade the base and escape has become the only choice. Take the people you care about and get out of the siege.


- How to play: third person shooting game, including mutant creatures, not including blood, amputated limbs, disgusting creatures and other discomfort content.
- Background: after the outbreak of fungal virus, Guyi (character in the game) set up a base in the mountain, where he later took in, manufactured and transformed the population.
- Main line: a large number of refugees gather around the base, and food and other materials are in short supply. One day, the defense system of the base failed, then people launched an attack on the base, and the base fell. Guyuan escaped from the escape route of the back door with Qi Qi and Li Li. On the way, he found robot No. 32, and then the four escaped to Guyuan's prepared base through the laboratory, nursing home and township.
- Design content: unknown virus, mutated organism, mutated human, human.



Minimum System Requirements

CPU:  AMD FX-7500
RAM:  4 GB
OS:  Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Video Card:  AMD Radeon R5
Free Disk Space:  6 GB


Game Size: 1.87 GB


How to download  from this site






How to Install

1. Mount ISO Image with DaemonToolsLite and install the game

2. Copy content of the folder "DOGE" to the installed games directory

3. Play







Gameplay Trailer & Screenshots


  • Screenshot 1
  • Screenshot 2
  • Screenshot 3


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